Taking time to talk things through


Taking time to listen

and talk things through

We have qualified counsellors who offer well -being sessions on a weekly basis through drop ins both on an individual level and in groups where through education we aim to dispel myths around mental health and promote well- being. Our counsellors are supported by our experienced cognitive behavioural psychotherapist.  Where treatment is needed in relation to individual thoughts and behaviours we can use CBT to improve an individuals mental health.

Youth well-being

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CBT has extensive empirical support and is effective in the treatment of:


Post traumatic stress  |   Depression  |  Stress and anxiety  |  Emotional difficulties  |  Obsessive compulsive disorder  |  Sleep difficulties

Asylum Seekers & Refugees

The majority of young people using the therapy service are those who have fled their country in fear. Most have left their family and loved ones behind and making traumatic journeys to safety. These young people are very often traumatized and experience difficulties. Accessing therapy where they are heard and unconditionally accepted, together with attending emotional well- being sessions has proven to improve the individuals mental health and well being.


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Post traumatic stress


Stress and anxiety

Emotional difficulties

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Sleep difficulties